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 GRP Pipes

Al-Qudaibi GRP pipe systems are produced using two different production methods:

  1. Dual Filament winding method using a mandrel of 12 meter.
  2. Continuous winding method.

Both products can be used mainly  for the same applications, however the Dual filament winding  method can take loads in both circumferential and in longitudinal direction.
Therefore the Dual filament winding method has available restraint joint.


The main market for GRP (glass reinforced Polyester pipe system) is in the Civil and industrial industries such as:

  •  Sewer systems (Urban and industrial)
  •  Water distribution (Civil and industrial)
  •  Waste water lines
  •  Water intake for cooling water systems
  •  Sub-sea pipe lines
  •  Irrigation networks
  •  Process lines
  •  Sea and desalinated water

This product can handle severe low PH chemicals, its life cycle is a minimum of 40 years. The maximum Diameter produced is 4000 mm. Its pressure can go up to 32 bar depending on Diameter.

The high corrosion resistance of GRP pipes in combination with safe quick and easy installation underground as well as above ground and even under water, makes GRP Pipes the first choice for most applications.

High resistance against corrosion and chemical attack especially against Sulphuric acid makes the GRP pipes an ideal solution for sewer systems.

In addition to the corrosion resistance, GRP pipes have high strength created by the glass reinforcement and polyester resin.



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