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We are the number one manufacturer of high quality color printed / plain multi purpose bags in Kuwait by using our State-of-art Blown film plants and down stream equipments. These bags have excellent quality and sealed exactly as per the required size.

The quality of our plastic bags is maintained by using high quality raw materials and providing constant controls throughout the production process.

These bags are commonly used for shopping, vegetables, onions, laundry, bread, biscuits & confectioneries and garbage purposes.

They are made from high quality HDPE, LDPE, and PP. The use of these materials depends on the application required. Agricultural film sheets are also made and are UV stabilized in order to withstand higher surroundings temperature due to ultra violet rays.

Following are the specifications of the different plastic bags manufactured in our factory:

1. HDPE Bags

Minimum width: 150mm
Maximum width: 1200mm
Thickness: 8micron to 120micron
Main applications: Shopping , Garbage, General Packing.   

2. LDPE Bags

Minimum width: 110mm
Maximum width: 2000mm
Main applications: Shopping bags, Laundry, bakery, food stuff packing, etc.

3. LDPE Agricultural film with UV Stabilizer:

Sheet width: 6500mm
Thickness: 100micron to 300micron.

4. PP Bags

Minimum width:110mm
Maximum width: 750mm
Thickness: 30micron to 100 micron
Main Applications: Foodstuff packing, Bread , Bakery and confectioneries.

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