PP Streched Tapes, Twisted Ropes & Woven Sacks

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PP Streched Tape:

These tapes are generally used for the wrapping and packing of goods in a punch, pocket, carton etc. They are in flat types and have maximum tensile strength in order to withstand the pressure and load developed during tight packing, for these tapes undergo annealing processes while in production.

Sizes: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 17mm width
Thicknesses: 0.8mm, 1.0mm , 1.2mm.
Standard Length: 1000 m / roll.
Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black. Other colors are available on request.

PP Twisted Ropes:

These ropes are manufactured from Polypropylene and  are pre-annealed during production. They are suggested for use where the load is limited and easy to wrap or unwrap from the packages.

They have higher strength since they are twisted around each other like a rope. The rolls are available to customers at their specified length and thickness.

PP Woven Sacks:

The woven bags are manufactured from UV Stabilized Polypropylene in our high output and high-tech extruders, in addition to other downstream equipments such as the cutting machine, looms, as well as the printing machine.

These bags are commonly used for the packing of sugar, poultry feed, animal feed, barley and numerous food grains.

Width: from 300mm to 800mm
Length: from 500mm to 1250mm

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