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About Us:


The Technical Company for Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Eqp. was established in 1982. During that time, our operations were limited to importing and installing wood and stainless steel kitchen. However, we have been continuously expanding  and diversifying our operations ever since.

Agencies & Products:
Now, we are well capable of supplying and installing all types of kitchen. We also have our own plant for producing stainless steel kitchen cabinets and chimneys.

Currently, we are the sole agents of the following brands:

Stainless steel kitchen:

  •  Zanussi

From these two manufacturers, we can even supply the heavy duty kitchen, comprising of all kinds of equipment including washers, refrigerators, and cold rooms / freezer rooms with all sizes and measurements. Whether these are intended for villas, mansions, hotels, etc...

Wooden Kitchen:

  •  Zeyko
  •  Facar

In addition to kitchen, we are capable of fully preparing central and commercial laundries, and are the agents of the American brand of laundry equipments - “Primus”. Equipments like boilers, washers, dryers, steam pressers, etc... basically, we can supply all the equipments required for laundries from A to Z!

  •  What we have:

Currently, we have three showrooms,  one is for small projects,  another is for large projects, and the third is for villas, mansions, chalets, etc...

In addition to that, we have a factory in Subhan industrial area with a total space of 2000 m2 , a workshop and a storeroom with a total space of 1000m2 for spare parts and after sale customer service.

  •  Customer Service:

We have a well trained staff capable of handling all types of technical problems that may occur. They will be at sight within less than 24 hours. The Technical Company for Commercial Kitchen & Laundry Eqp. guarantees best customer services at all times, before and after sale.

  •  What we can offer:

We carry out a study for the needs of any project with respect to the capacity, e.g. given the space of the kitchen, we can provide you with the capacity that can be attained with such space.

We can also help in determining the space required for kitchen even before the construction of the building begins. How? All we require is the information of how many meals per day are to be served. Knowing this small detail, we can calculate the exact space/size which would be required for a kitchen to prepare the given number of meals per day.

We offer plans, and designs free of charge.

We have a complete range of spare parts.

  •  Some of our achievements:

The company prides itself for successfully completing many major projects not only in Kuwait but also in neighboring Gulf countries as well as France.

Some of the projects that we have completed were in: Saudi Arabia, France, Oman, Bahrain, and Lebanon. These projects comprised of villas and mansions.

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