Established in 1954

Alqudaibi Group

One of the leading Kuwaiti Industrial and commercial groups

Sulaiman Alqudaibi & Sons company

Established in 1954

Welcome to the website of Sulaiman Ahmed Alqudaibi & Sons Group. Here, you’ll find information regarding all of its companies, their products, services, and contact details. 

Sulaiman Ahmed Alqudaibi & Sons Group is one of the leading Kuwaiti Industrial and commercial groups. It was founded by the late Sulaiman Ahmed Alqudaibi in 1954. A man with an inspirational mission and vision for the business.

Each of the group companies is essential in the services and products it offers.

Ever since its establishment in 1954, it has grown and expanded to supply and serve not only the Kuwaiti market but also its neighboring countries.


Currently, the group constitutes of five companies and has over 500 employees.


We will always strive to provide our customers with the best services and products. Believing assured that our current companies are only the beginning of our expansion!


The Technical Company For Kitchen & Laundry Equipment can provide
all manner of solutions to any kitchen or laundry equipment needs.

The first ever to manufacture flexible foam in Kuwait as well as in the Arab Gulf with a high quality products at a low and competitive prices.

We respect raw materials and appreciate their value. Over 50 years of experience and with a persistent desire for perfection.

Leading the largest manufacturer of multidimensional household, commercial and industrial plastic products in Kuwait.

One of the major Structural Steel Stockist and Supplier in the
Kuwaiti local market. The Company supplies to steel fabrication, marine, offshore, oil & gas, construction, and heavy industrial and engineering sectors.