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Stone is one of the oldest and most famous elements of design.
It is associated with certainty, strength and stability.
Classic materials such as marble and granite have always been a reflection of luxury and the highest quality.
But it is not always simple to connect stone with style and taste.
Whether your space is for residential or business use, you must provide a well thought out solution and make sure that all the pieces are harmoniously connected.
Stone is not only easy and obvious. The answer to this is experience. At Arabian Marble Co.
we respect raw materials and appreciate their value. Over 50 years of experience and an incessant drive for perfection have given us the acknowledged market leader position.
We can provide all manner of solutions for the masonry industry, from importing through cutting, polishing and installing.

Beauty of the stone


The main objective of Arabian Marble Co. is to provide top quality services and become a trusted and experienced business partner. Through our realizations we influence our customers’ lives by adding the majestic and indescribable beauty of the stone.

We want to be always up to date with the masonry news, development ideas and innovations in the field of marble and granite. In our work, we focus on accuracy and care for every detail.


Our business philosophy is based on involvement, passion and partnership.
We always give our best to our clients, through excellent quality, unique design and irreplaceable materials.
We listen to our clients’ needs and make sure that even the smallest details are perfectly executed.
We respect tradition and at the same time we constantly modernise our equipment, introduce innovative solutions and follow world market trends.
Arabian Marble Co.
has established the highest standards of business to ensure functionality, efficiency and satisfaction for our own team as well as our clients.
Thanks to our understanding of stone materials such as marble and granite we can always provide the best available practices and solutions existing within the industry.


Our strategy is a set on principles and procedures, which have been developed and improved for over 50 years. From hiring employees with the highest qualifications through to the top quality of products and customer satisfaction, we never stop until the chain is completed. To meet the everchanging market demands and keep up to date with the industrial news, we constantly expand our range of products, introducing new technology and adapting the most relevant management methods. However, our greatest strength has been and will always be our passion. We are proud of our products: marble and granite. We believe in our services and designs. We have faith that our unique ideas, best materials, appetite and knowledge are the best formula for any successful business strategy.


Our mission is to achieve innovative and sustainable development in all areas of marble and granite use:

cutting, design and installation. We want to be the undisputed market leader, offering the widest range of the highest quality products and services. Through an individual, professional and friendly approach we will gain our client’s sincere loyalty and achieve total satisfaction for both parties.


Our vision is to be the most respected masonry company in Kuwait, proudly built on a unique heritage. People know our brand and appreciate our passion and involvement in the creation of creative solutions. We would like our company to be a proud ambassador of tradition and high quality materials. We believe that our efforts and passion will contribute to make any home, business or commercial space beautiful and dignified.


The Arabian Marble Co. offers a wide range of masonry products and services. Starting with import through design, tooling to comprehensive implementation. We provide professional services, including:

The company owns the best-equipped factory with the latest equipment and machines for cutting and polishing marble such as:



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