Established in 1968

Advanced Technologies

of foam production to enable us fulfill
our customers’ needs with the best comfort and highest quality products.

Established 1968


Kuwait Sponge Industries Company was founded in 1968 and it is the first to manufacture flexible foam in Kuwait history and the GCC Countries. We are very proud to be part of that heritage. Since our establishment and throughout the years we have remained faithful to our trade. Kuwait Sponge Industries Company has sustained its responsibility to the community that perceives the demand for quality sleep products.

What makes Kuwait Sponge Industries Co. better

Finding the best mattress is essential, as sleep plays a vital role in our overall health. The right mattress is the key to a refreshing night’s sleep. It is one of the luxury mattress manufacturers in the market that produces a high level of comfort, support, and durability at reasonable prices. Here are some interesting facts that make us better:

- Production of multi-density synthetic foam products.

- Producing of the highest quality possible of mattresses that international standards require. That gives the body comfort during sleep and reducing some of the problems associated with back and neck pain.

- Pillows provide more comfort and carry your head and neck while sleeping relieves muscle stiffness.

- Our mattresses provide proper orthopedic support leading to a good night's sleep. It prevents you from turning around at night and waking up.


We strive to be an international and innovative high quality eco-friendly & luxury bedding provider.


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